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NIROGI Lanka - Phase 3

National Initiative to Reinforce and Organize General diabetes care In Sri Lanka


Ministry of health has identified WDF funded NIROGI Lanka project as a success story and included lessons learned through the project to the next world bank funded health sector project which will be carried out from 2019-2024.

"Health promotion officer” concept which was introduced by NIROGI Lanka project was accepted by the Ministry of Health. New carder category will be created by ministry of health and deploy at MOH level for health promotion activities mainly focusing NCDs including diabetes.

These two achievements will ensure smooth transfer of knowledge and lessons learned through the project to the ministry of health (system institutionalization).

Developing a web portal to monitor, review and supervise methodology was initiated.

Identified an expert group for health message development and identified an expert panel to review the health messages. An agreement was signed with Dialog axiata to send developed short messaged to the community.

Capacity building programs were held on month of April, June, July, and August 2017 after each review meeting by Consultants from Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Health.